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I was bullied once on Deviantart when I was a Keroro gunsou fan and when I was in 7th grade
The theory of harem didn't exist then,I created an OC as a sister of a keroro gunsou character and paired them with many characters,which is called 'harem' now
At first,I tried to make friends but it didn't work,I only dragged a lot of enemies
A girl named Lucy jumped out from no where,accused me of copying her character's design,which I didn't do,this is when they started to bully me
I was very young so I didn't know pairing a character with a lot of canon characters is not ok,they tried to tell me by telling me a whore,a mary-sue bla bla bla.they didn't try to help me understand the meaning of the word "mary-sue".Instead,they bullied me for it
hate arts,hate journals came almost everyday,it's like a movement to every keroro gunso fan back then
I was very sad,I tried to fix my characters by not pairing them with a lot of characters,but the war didn't end,a hate club with bunch of hate arts popped up,and a person who I didn't know joined the fun,drew "for" me lots and lots of hate arts,insulted my character and also insulted me
bully is the best word to describe these people
i did apologize to some of them because I insulted them (clearly it was them who damage my soul first) but no,they still fight and fight everyday,waiting for me to leave deviantart,to destroy me completely
then the day had came,I posted a journal to celebrate my 13th birthday,they stalked and found out I was underage to join deviantart and a few days later,I got banned.I made a new account and got banned too
My soul was hurt and I felt very angry,I wanted to kill them for what they did to me
thanks to them,my mind changed and created a lot of original characters with twisted designs, I really love these new characters
But,I didn't sad enough to die,because suicide only makes you a loser,you lost to them and finished yourself by suicide
Bullying is everywhere in the world,especially from the age 13 - 17
my advice to people who got bullied
- Keep a cool head,don't let them bitch you\
- Ignore them as much as you can
- Don't reply to their comments,note,etc...
- Block them 
- And do NOT SUICIDE,like I said,that will only make them win
- Leave the page if it is not necessary to you,if you are bullied on DA,just upload your arts like usual,don't mind about the bully's comment
- Tell your parents to share the story with you,they will tell you what to do,don't be quiet
A lot of cases, the person who was bullied committed suicide so I must share this post
Sometimes,I recall the moments I got bullied and really wanted to kill them
but I didn't care anymore because they will pay for their sins soon,the retribution will not wait until you die,you bullied me,your child will bare the same fate,even more I guess,he/she will commit suicide and that is the most pain the bully will get
as a parent,who will not love their child? the bully's heart will break into pieces and who knows?Maybe the bully will commit suicide too?
So hear my words,do not BULLY,bullying does not make you a cool kid,cool person/etc,it will make you a criminal,and if the person got bullied is insane or so mad that he/she can kill you,well,don't blame him,you're the one who started it 

Please tell me what you think,my friends


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